Morning has broken…I may have short term memory loss.

Set my alarm for 5 so as to get an early start.

Just realised my tent is locked in the hotel garage.

Long story, but got bike out last night due to the staff not being around till 8. So ready to roll but got to get my tent back. This isn’t a tour as much as a comedy of errors. Went down to the bike at 8 only to find my tent already there. Looks like I could have set off at 6 after all.

Very slow start to the day, just couldn’t get into it. Got going better about 15 miles in, but it was a long hot hilly day.

Got to the source of the Ruhr about 4. This being about 650 metres above sea level. For anyone local to me, that’s about 3 times the height of Garrowby hill.

After that I set off east towards the Eder dam. On the way I rolled down a massive hill and got my top speed of the trip, 42mph – On the brakes!

Possibly the hardest 55 miles I have ever ridden.

On the menu at chez Paul tonight mushroom fried rice.



Total miles 234


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2 Responses to Morning has broken…I may have short term memory loss.

  1. chris bird says:

    hi paul.
    i’m feeling tired just reading your blog,sounds very punishing.looking forward to seeing some of the scenery,mind those drunken russians wont ya
    happy peddling
    best wishes

    • paul312328 says:

      Hello Chris,

      thanks for reading. It’s been hard work, and not gone to plan, but that’s the point of adventure. Now having 2 daysoff in Oberstdorf, then coming back via the Rhine.


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