Baby, it’s cold outside.

Woke up cold in the night,blinking freezing. Struggled to get going and warm. Took about 30 miles before I felt ok. Beautiful river valley of the Fulda. Didn’t feel up to the 900m hills of the Rhön, so got the train from Fulda to Würzburg. Beautiful city on the Main river well worth a look around. A really hot day and my main concern was to get more water, and get a few miles in on the Romantic Road cycle path. More like hell road with a long climb strait away for about 3 miles. Very hard in the heat. Nice downhill into town of Kist, 32mph eyes watering and hat flapping. What goes down must go up, and I soon ran out of speed and ended up pushing the bike up a long 1 in 4 through the village. Camped near Tauberbischofsheim. 78 miles for the day with total now at 389 miles. Ciao.

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2 Responses to Baby, it’s cold outside.

  1. Stanley very Manly says:

    Hi Paul i have been off line for a few day’s computer died on me luckily I had a spare second hand one which Steve Hatfield turner at work gave so I am up and running now,sort off, allot of setting up to do, I am off work for 2 weeks had operation, I have been tracking your moves it looks like your having fun, it sounds like bloody hard work to me, but I am sure the views and meeting different people will make it all worth while only another 1200 miles to go, you will be as thin as a bean pole when you finish, maybe not we can’t expect miracles. Ha Ha all the best Stan.

    • paul312328 says:

      Hello Stan, thanks for reading. It is bloody hard work, and I do question why I am doing it when I am struggling up a hill at 3mph. The answer comes in a 6 miles long 20mph downhill run! That’s if I can keep my hat, glasses and map from blowing away. Get well soon after the op.


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