Baptism of rain, wind, glass…….etc

Got up and felt really sh*t. I really struggled to get the motivation up to ride. Cold now on my chest, so coughing like a broken-winded horse.

I passed through the 49th parallel, in line with Paris, Mongolia and the northern border of the USA apparently.

It was a cooler day, so (with the chest thingy) I decided to take it easy. I rode the rolling hills south from Dinkelsbühl to Donauwörth. Harburg has a lovely castle on a hill overlooking the town. With threatening skies I pushed onto Donauwörth. I had to pause under a railway bridge to dodge a shower. Whilst there nature called, and I almost returned to my childhood of wet pants when I struggled to get the old man out – wearing bib shorts is not condusive to going wee wee in a hurry.

After the near-trouser incident I rode the last few miles to Donauwörth in very light drizzle – no drama. I then sheltered for lunch in a railway tunnel (disused – the tunnel, not my lunch). Donauwörth, like some many towns along the Romantic road, is a walled city, full of tourists etc. Here I joined the Dannube and headed east before turning south onto the Lech river.

At this point I was now on the smoothest bike path I have EVER ridden on. As I approached the town of Rain it began to do just that – rain – and lots of it. Unpeturbed I pedalled through the town until a hiss and wobble from the back wheel signalled the arrival of the p*ncture fairy. Not bad going – 500 miles fully-loaded and 1 puncture. Cheeky as I could be, I pushed the bike into some blokes yard and asked to mend it under his car port. I have kept the offending piece of glass for posterity.

With the mending done, thoughts turned to sleep/food. I then headed to mühlhausen about 20 miles south, into a cold headwind on a narrow busy road. Bloody-mindedness kept me pushing on the pedals, and I rolled, soggily into a campsite at 7, with another 79 miles in the bank – 549 miles total.


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