Let the train take the strain….

Woke up in the night coughing like a copper’s nark, and felt really crook. So I packed up and rode to Augsburg (about 8 miles) then got a train to Oberstdorf (where I am now) for 2 days off the bike, to rest up, regroup, and get ready for the 750 mile return leg along the Rhine. I have used the train a few times now, and each time it is like a physical torment schlepping my kit up and down stairs – the lifts to the platforms aren’t big enough to do the job?????

At this point I would like to say how ashamed I am for what I did next…..

I was on platform 6 at Augsburg station, and an announcement on the tannoy warned of an approaching train. I looked up to see a long freight train come to a halt, waiting for favourable signals before moving on. At this point a ‘visually-impaired’ gentleman (complete with white stick) walked up to the train and tried getting on one of the wagons. A quick-thinking DB train employee ran over to stop him riding with a consignment of logs to Berlin. I couldn’t surpress the giggles, and was chortling away when a DB Railway Policeman looked at me giving me a very disapproving look.

On the train some young bloke entered the carriage exclaiming that he was getting married, and had a sandwich board for people to sign. I wrote, “Don’t do it, stay single, Paul’. I wished him well, and said goodbye at Oberstdorf.

The rest of the journey to Oberstdorf passed without event, and I am now chilling, resting, having a beer, and updating this. Pics to follow.

Just gotback from a ride up the mountain – and who did I meet? Only the bloke getting married, complete with stag do entourage. I could hear them still shouting “Hallo PAUL” as they went down the mountain.

I had ridden this road once before, about 3 years ago, and I was a lot fitter and got up higher quicker, so it must be working.

Total miles – 557


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