Can it get any hotter?

Set off from the campsite early, after a restless night listening for Russians. Got to bottom of the road and realised I’d left a bungee wrapped round a tree. Edit – Quick break while I eat my currywurst. – edit off. As I rode away a man in a van saw me coming out of the wood. I didn’t hang around, and did a 4 mile descent into Tauberbischofsheim. It was hard going again this morning, but not so cold. Blue skies meant it was suncreme time.q got some good miles in early doors, and had 40 into the bank by midday. thanks to all comments, I will reply personally when I have a day off. was now riding in hot weather and the road sent me to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. a beautiful walled city, well worth a visit. I then pressed on south towards Feuchtwangen. I then had a ride on a barge seat in a mill pool. a few miles later I stopped for a rest and slept for an hour in the sun by the river. finished the day at 81,miles in Dinkelsbühl. total miles 470. Oh, almost lost a sock down the side of the tumble dryer at the campsite. Ciao.

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Baby, it’s cold outside.

Woke up cold in the night,blinking freezing. Struggled to get going and warm. Took about 30 miles before I felt ok. Beautiful river valley of the Fulda. Didn’t feel up to the 900m hills of the Rhön, so got the train from Fulda to Würzburg. Beautiful city on the Main river well worth a look around. A really hot day and my main concern was to get more water, and get a few miles in on the Romantic Road cycle path. More like hell road with a long climb strait away for about 3 miles. Very hard in the heat. Nice downhill into town of Kist, 32mph eyes watering and hat flapping. What goes down must go up, and I soon ran out of speed and ended up pushing the bike up a long 1 in 4 through the village. Camped near Tauberbischofsheim. 78 miles for the day with total now at 389 miles. Ciao.

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Hills, dam busting, bike busting, angle grinding and tail wind.

Set off about 7 from my lovely secluded camp site. Straight into hills. Getting to the Eder dam involved a lot of climbing. There was no avoiding the hills, so I just dug in. Trouble was, the downhills were twisty and rough, so I didn’t get the benefit of them really. The dam was an impressive feat of engineering. Having seen the volume of water held there, I wouldn’t wish it bombed on anyone, there would be no escape from the torrent.

I had an egg sandwich for lunch.

After the Eder the cycling gods smiled on me and provided me with smooth roads, a long downhill run, and a cracking tailwind to boot.

Was all going so well till my front pannier broke and I spent 2 hours replacing it. Had to fit it myself, and had to angle grind the bolts so the panniers would fit.

Still the tail wind beckoned and I finished the day at 75 miles, not bad considering  the hills and breakdown.

Got to use a cable car ferry across the Fulda, well cool.

Total for trip 311 miles.


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Morning has broken…I may have short term memory loss.

Set my alarm for 5 so as to get an early start.

Just realised my tent is locked in the hotel garage.

Long story, but got bike out last night due to the staff not being around till 8. So ready to roll but got to get my tent back. This isn’t a tour as much as a comedy of errors. Went down to the bike at 8 only to find my tent already there. Looks like I could have set off at 6 after all.

Very slow start to the day, just couldn’t get into it. Got going better about 15 miles in, but it was a long hot hilly day.

Got to the source of the Ruhr about 4. This being about 650 metres above sea level. For anyone local to me, that’s about 3 times the height of Garrowby hill.

After that I set off east towards the Eder dam. On the way I rolled down a massive hill and got my top speed of the trip, 42mph – On the brakes!

Possibly the hardest 55 miles I have ever ridden.

On the menu at chez Paul tonight mushroom fried rice.



Total miles 234


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Wet wet wet……

The heatwave conditions didn’t last.

Last nights camp was in a caravan park about a mile from a massive motorway bridge. Sleepless night due to traffic. Didn’t get robbed by drunken Russian gangsters.

Followed the Ruhr all day, and got stopped 3 times by people doing surveys on the radweg. Warned about storms, and took shelter in a bus stop in Schwerte. Boldly pushed on and got caught in the mother of storms 10 miles further on.

Most of my kit was fine, legs and feet wet, but they dried quickly. Oh, my ipod took a dislike to the humidity and doesn’t want to play. Found it impossible to get a camp so stayed in Ratskeller hotel in very hilly Arnsberg.

90 miles today.



Total miles 179

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Feeling hot, hot, hot

Today Saturday 21 May, being the first day, is a transit day, to get me to the start of the Ruhr radweg. Needless to say it was a hot one.

Rode about 20 miles from the port to Rotterdam then carried the bike up 3 flights of stairs before I found the correct platform. Train to Venlo broke down en route, so I didn’t get rolling till 3. Got out of venlo ok, and headed east into Germany.

First thing I met was a hill. Also, refreshingly, got soaked by a crop irrigation pipe that was getting the road wet instead of the potatoes. Made good progress to Moers, then onto Duisburg. One very nice man filled my water bottles, and another escorted me through the town, giving me directions for the Rhine bridge. This good samaritan was very concerned about me sleeping in a tent, and warned me of gangs of drunken Russians beating up fishermen who sleep on the river bank. Picked up the Ruhr river about 6 and then called it a day in the area of Muelheim with 64 miles in the bag.


More later.

Ciao. Total miles 89

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We have lift off

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Here it is folks, first blog on the road. 25 miles done, about 1475 to go. Ferry cabin is more like a broom cupboard. Remembered all my kit, but had nagging doubt I had forgotten something. Upon showering I almost … Continue reading

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